Metal mosaic

Metal Copper Mosaic Tiles Myron

Metal Copper Mosaic Tiles Myron

14,40 € per sheet*

A wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colours

The stainless steel metal mosaics come in different sizes of rectangle as well as square shapes, for different finishes and motifs. The wide selection of sizes allows you to choose exactly how you want the wall or backing of your living room, kitchen or bathroom to look. With the aluminum metal mosaics, there are also many different colours to choose from, such as orange silver, blue silver, brown silver, black silver, as well as a mix of different colours in one package. The copper mosaic tiles come in brilliant finish and can be used on the floor as well as the wall. None of the Mosafil metal mosaic tiles should be used in pools or outside, due to their tendency to freeze in extremely cold weather.

Mosafil metal mosaic tiles are easy to apply and work in many different rooms

Metal mosaic tiles from Mosafil are a solid solution to your needs for beautiful, sheer, metal mosaic tiles, for use in a wide variety of applications in the home. Take some time and look through these metal mosaics from Mosafil. They provide a sophisticated and modern feel to any room. The wide array of choices in size allow for ease of application to any space. The broad spectrum of colours allows for a very elastic ability to use them in many different scenarios. The different shapes also allow for a variety of different ways of making your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or dining room look modern and sophisticated. Take some time to find the perfect metal mosaic tiles for your home today.

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