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As one of leading online shops for tiles and mosaics, we are pleased to permanently offer a unique choice of glass mosaics, glass tiles, tiles, wash basins, ceramic basins, glass basins, porcelain stoneware, granit, floor tiles, wall tiles, borders, glass bordure, wall bordure, floor bordure, ceramic bordure, fittings, natural stone tiles, marble rosone, pebble stone, boulder, travertine, marble mosaics, antic marble, ceramic mosaics, stainless steel mosaics, pool mosaics, faux wood tiles, mosaic tiles, metal mosaics and many more...

Be inspired by the variaty of forms, materials and colors and purchase tile/ mosaics samples or needed quantity of sheets 24/7 in our webshop.

  • Shipping costs mosaic 9,90 per sqm
  • Order samples of mosaics you like
  • Pay via Creditcard, PayPal or Banktransfer
  • Discount save up to 5%

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