Floor tiles unglazed

In this category we present our beautiful collection of unglazed floor tiles in diffrent colors and forms. Our floor tiles are suitable for interior and outdoor spaces.

Unglazed floortiles are perfect in interior spaces e.g your living room, dining room, kitchen floor, bath and bathroom floor, laundry floor, entryway, chimney, balcony and terrace.

Because of diverse surfaces from our unglazed floor tiles, they can also be used in outdoor spaces. They’re often used in pools, foyers, fire places or wellness areas. Further more unglazed floor tiles can be used in commercial areas e.g in halls, storage spaces, sanitary facilities, locker rooms, airport, railway stations, hospitals, gastronomic firms, churches etc.

For consultation and any other information don’t hesitate to contact us. We will find the right floor tile for you.


Unglazed tiles for your projects

When designing a floor space where tiling is involved, one of the most important choices is between glazed and unglazed tiles. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, so hoose the one that is appropriate for your project. Unglazed tiles are coloured prior to, and during, the firing process. Instead of having a shiny glaze applied after firing, they can be
largely unfinished or more usually have a matte finish applied, giving it the reddish look of natural clay. This can be a stunning addition to swimming pool areas, bathrooms and kitchens, and goes well with designs that seek to create a "traditional" feel, with warm earthy tones and rougher textures.


Unglazed tiles can deliver safety and style

If you are thinking about making a tiled floor, then unglazed tiles could be the perfect solution. With their slightly rougher finish, unglazed tiles available from Mosafil.co.uk have added slip resistance, allowing feet to grip more effectively in wet areas of the house or garden. And this grip could be the difference between a pleasant dip in the pool and a broken ankle, so it makes a difference. If being used in an outdoor setting, unglazed tiles are also frost proof. Again, this makes them safer for people to walk on, and probably more durable than glazed tiles. Like glazed floor tiles, unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles are also very resistant to water absorption, making them ideal for bathroom projects where safety, looks and durability are all important.

Have the unglazed floor of your dreams

Mosafil.co.uk offers a wide variety of superbly produced unglazed porcelain stoneware tiles for use around the home. Quartzite Optic floor tiles can give a solid, monumental feel with their grey tones which might suit outdoor applications, while the lighter tones of Hawaii will create a lovely feel for bathrooms and kitchens. There are deeper reddish tones available in the Colorado Classic range and the cool, limestone look of Santiago. Unglazed floor tiles can come in smaller 30x30mm sizes, as well as larger tiles depending on the job to be done, so head over to Mosafil and choose exactly the right variety to complete your project in style. With slip resistance, strength and natural beauty, unglazed tiles can create a completely different feel to glazed tiles. With their combination of organic appearance and safety when wet, they are the ideal solution for family spaces indoors or out.

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