Porcelain stoneware wooden mosaic

Porcelain stoneware wood mosaic

Wood effect mosaic tiles are a hip and timeless trend that adds decorative accents to your kitchen or bathroom, adding a graceful touch to your tile counter. Especially in the damp, classic wood tiles are not always a good decision, as they absorb moisture and can become dull and dull over time. The situation is different when you choose tiles in the wood design and make them an eye-catcher, for example, with a pattern made of mosaic tiles in wood look.

Porcelain stoneware mosaic tiles

The offered mosaic tiles in wood look are not wood tiles in the true sense, but tiles whose surface is designed in the charming design of wood and produce the same visual warmth and harmony as wood. You can use mosaic tiles in wood look to realize very individual designs and, for example, make ornaments, animals, personal motifs or the conclusion of your tile mirror. You will find mosaic tiles in wood look in different versions and therefore ideally suited to your tiles on the wall. Creative ideas with wood tiles give you a lot of room in the wall design, where you want to do without stone look and be charmed by the charisma of wooden surfaces. In laying wood tiles have no other requirements than tiles that are designed with a metallic or stone surface. If you want to use mosaic tiles in wood look, you should pay attention only to an identical strength of the wall tiles and the mosaic, since the processing does not pose a challenge for equally strong models. If you have no knowledge of laying tiles and you do not want to take any risks with wood-effect mosaic tiles, an experienced tiler will be happy to help.