Quartzite mosaic special appeal

Creative design with natural stone quartzite mosaic

Tiles for wall and floor design have long since conquered all rooms. You can make rooms particularly attractive with beautiful mosaic tiles. The small stone elements on the grid open up endless possibilities for creative interior design.

Special attraction of beautiful natural stone

Among the most diverse types of tiles, natural stone has conquered every optics a special place. Very decorative and versatile to offer a natural stone quartzite mosaic. With the tiles in natural stone quartzite mosaic can work excellent soils and walls. You will find natural stone quartzite mosaic frosted or finely glazed. In terms of color, you have a large choice between mosaic tiles in monochrome, two-tone and very many-colored look. The mosaic tiles may be arranged as small squares, irregular elements or in the form of a stick. In living rooms, you can create unique patterns using the natural stone quartzite mosaic tiles by combining them with conventional tile formats. Carpets, ornaments, beautiful borders or large circles can be inserted. This is possible because you can cut the mosaics on the grid as desired and arrange them into desired forms. In the bathroom, kitchen or hallway, mosaic tiles bring an individual variety of colors to walls and floors.

Easy installation of the mosaic

In the case of natural stone quartzite mosaic, the mosaic is already partly prefabricated on the lattice. By cutting the grids, it is possible to adapt to room edges, corners, niches, even round surfaces. It is important that the floors are perfectly leveled. For natural stone tiles you should use a special natural stone glue. Do not be afraid of a thousand small joints. The grout can simply be painted over the mosaic. At the end, the natural stone quartzite mosaic is simply thoroughly cleaned with a special tile for initial cleaning.

Quartzite are fine to medium grained stones, with a quartz content of 98%. Due to the high mineral content it is one of the hardest rocks and thus very resistant to weather conditions. Our exclusive quartzite mosaic selection is suitable both as a border and as a floor covering or wall covering for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, wellness areas, corridors, living rooms, dining rooms.