Granite mosaic has numerous advantages

Natural stone granite mosaic

Natural stone Granite mosaic has been used over and over again for many centuries, as there are many design possibilities with the mosaic tiles. With natural stone granite mosaic, many patterns can be achieved, for example, warm or cool effects, playful, noble and Mediterranean accents. Also black-white or colorful patterns can be achieved with these mosaic tiles. At the present time natural stone granite mosaic is very versatile. Whereas marble used to be mosaic tiles, today there are many other options that can be used with natural stone granite mosaics. The beautiful natural stones offer the opportunity for tasteful wall or floor coverings in your home or in your house.

Natural stone granite mosaic has many advantages

Natural stone granite mosaic offers in comparison to other natural stones incredibly many advantages, because the longevity stands out clearly. Therefore, it is not only very durable, but also extremely robust. Because of this, the tiles are very durable, which is why they can hardly hurt. Natural stone granite mosaic is available in many design variants, for example ground, broken or polished. The shapes of the mosaic tiles can also be significantly different. For example, there are ready-to-use strappy and chunky mosaics as well as octagons, rectangles or squares. In this way you can upgrade your premises as desired.

Mosaic tiles set accents

With these tiles you can not only design complete rooms, because you can easily set attractive accents with them. A border of these nasty things gives the room a new look. If you want to lighten the look, you can combine the tiles with other natural materials, such as glass or metal.

In this category you will find our product range of Granit Mosaik. & nbsp; As a true natural product, granite stone impresses with its unmistakable character in terms of color, design and structure. Granite is a very hard material. They are coarsely crystalline and magmatic rocks containing quartz and dark minerals. The mineral content also creates the wonderful colors. Depending on the granite and active ingredient content varies in hardness. Our high-quality granite mosaic can be laid both as a border and a large area as a floor covering or wall covering for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, wellness areas, corridors, living rooms, dining rooms.