Natural stone metal mosaic

In this category you will find exclusive natural stone metal mosaics in different color and structure combinations.

Mosafil natural stone metal mosaic

shows a personal touch in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living room and other living areas due to the unusual material mixes. See for yourself!

Natural stone metal mosaic tiles set decorative accents between classic tiles

and are ideal for wall decoration in the home. As the glass is not frost resistant, natural stone metal mosaic tiles should be used in frost protected premises. In the bathroom or in the kitchen, or in the open spaces or in the open kitchen, an interruption of the tiles on the walls is an ideal eye-catcher, natural stone metal mosaic tiles are used for the decorative design. The timeless design in different color combinations combines the elegance and luxury of metal with the harmony of natural stone and can be chosen with very different surfaces of the tiles.

Natural Stone Metal Mosaic Tiles for Claims

Creative ideas give a room charm and wall uniqueness. The mosaic tiles between high-quality and noble natural stone tiles offer many possibilities for a harmonious color transition or a decorative context to decide the tiles. While the natural stone favors a warm and Mediterranean look, for the metal an eye-catcher in the modern design and incorporates a touch of industrial chic in the premises. In terms of quality, natural stone metal mosaic tiles also have high stability and resilience, as well as an attractive and easy-to-clean surface. If you prefer classic natural stone tiles, or miss a detail for more attention, simply combine the tiles with natural stone metal tiles to create a unique and graceful, luxurious and charming image. You can combine mosaic tiles made of natural stone with all tiles and will always produce an effect.

Mosaic tiles made of natural stone metal expertly laid

For a perfect picture, as well as for the straight wall design with tiles is underneath. Alternatively, you can opt for a professional picture with the picture you want. Natural stone metal mosaic tiles can come with a silky glossy, subjectively or heavily polished surface and thus be adapted in precision to the classic tiles. Not only the processing of mosaic tiles on slab, but also the solution fossilization of natural stone metal mosaic tiles to a self-designed image is possible. The advantages of natural stone Metal mosaic tiles are their versatility, which is not only related to the design of the tiles, but also to the workmanship. Choose from a wide range of natural stone metal mosaic tiles and the delle fuerte and finish that will give your tiles an elegant look and a very good look with timeless, appealing designs.