Mosaic Tiles Ceramic  Glossy

Mosaic Tiles Ceramic Glossy

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The mosaic tiles Bodaway Glossy give your kitchen back wall or your bathroom a subtle color touch. The surface pattern consists of small square stones of different shades of color. The individual stones are combined in a mat, which is used and attached similar to a conventional tile. The high quality bathroom tiles add a touch of Roman antiquity and a unique elegance. They can be used nationwide or as friezes. Unleash your creativity and set yourself apart from classic uniform white bathroom tiles.

The glossy finish is aesthetically attractive and guarantees easy care. They can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth to prevent limescale in the bathroom or to remove dirt from the back of the kitchen. The glazed surface also guarantees absolute water resistance and resistance. The use of the best raw materials and modern processes for the production of these tiles guarantees the best quality and longevity. Various color finishes are available to customize your space. These can also be combined with each other. The design possibilities are endless and can be adapted to your desired ambience. Tip: observe the desired effect by placing colored patterns in the desired location. A few days are enough to get a good impression of the multicolored look and make your decision easier.

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Stone Size: 25x25mm
Surface: Glossy
Sheet Size: 33x30,2cm
Material: Ceramic
Thickness: 6mm
One sheet: 0,1m²

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