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Mosaic Tiles Aluminium Metal Fantom Button

Mosaic Tiles Aluminium Metal Fantom Button

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A mosaic of aluminum metal Fantom Button tiles on the wall attracts everyone's attention. The metal surface composed of many small mosaic tiles reflects the light from light to dark. These plays of light give every room a unique ambience.

Properties of Mosaic Tiles Aluminum Metal Fantom Button

Upon contact with air, the surface of the mosaic tile aluminum metal forms an oxidation layer. It provides the surface with protection against harmful UV rays. Even with high humidity, the mosaic tiles aluminum metal does not warp. The smooth surface can be quickly and easily cleaned without chemical cleaning agents. Due to their low thickness of only 8 millimeters, the tiles do not wear. The mosaic tiles have a low weight and are mounted on a mat. That's why it's as easy to lay as conventional wall and floor tiles. They can be combined with almost all furnishing styles. They are especially beautiful in a puristically furnished room. The base of the mosaic is rectangular shaped and can be individually cut. Mosaic tiles aluminum metal Fantom button are available in the colors bronze and gold.

Aluminum metal mosaic tiles offer numerous design options

Mosaic tiles aluminum metal Fantom Knopf offer almost limitless design options. They give an exclusive look to interiors, whether they have been installed on one wall or on all walls in the room. They are suitable for laying in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Stone Size: Ø 19mm
Surface: Mat
Sheet Size: 30x30cm
Material: Aluminium
Thickness: 8mm
One Sheet: 0,090m²

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